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So many people will ask me, “I don’t feel good.  You know stuff about staying healthy….what would you suggest?”.  I will ask them their symptoms and make a recommendation on what I have found to work for a particular set of symptoms.  Usually if they ask early into the illness the recommendation will be either baking soda added to water to balance their ph (when you are sick you are too acidic) or apple cider vinegar and the response is always the same, “That would taste so awful!  I will take….. (some random, over the counter drug)”.

I say OK and leave it at that.  Now, go to your medicine cabinet and pull out some random, over the counter medicine for colds.  Now, read those ingredients.  How many of those can you pronounce?  How many of them do you even know anything about?  Next, look at the possible side effects and the drug interactions.  Not pretty stuff to be found in those sections!  And you are willing to put these unknown chemicals into your body in an effort to feel better.  How effective are these products….really?  In my experience, not that effective.  The cold or the flu bug will run it’s course and I would usually end up missing a day or two from life.

Now, look at what happens when you take something like apple cider vinegar or baking soda and use it religiously for a few days.  During those days you may feel a bit cloudy and not at the top of your game but you aren’t really missing out on life.  After you have used these more natural ingredients to heal your body and you have been smart by getting the extra needed rest and eating good, healthy food you realize that your illness is gone, your body has healed and you feel GREAT!  And the biggest bonus to this type of health and healing…..YOU HAVEN’T DAMAGED YOUR LIVER!!!

That’s the best news ever!  Healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy liver!

Think twice about what you put in your body so that your body will be there for you during the long haul….you know, that thing we call life!