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I have spent the past few days not feeling very well. I did all my tricks to get rid of whatever the “bug” was and managed to keep it from really taking me out but I still did not feel 100%.  I went to the caves in Idaho Springs in an effort to burn it out, slept with lavender or Breathe, taken my homeopathic flu remedy and still I just couldn’t kill it!  Well, a little extra rest, a long walk with the dogs and adding the electric blanket seems to have taken care of it…..FINALLY!

Now I have the energy to build a couple of event pages for some friends that want to have a Nerium party but they live in the Midwest and I am going to play with some new essential oils and do some reading about ways I can use them to help my big dog become more relaxed.

I am realizing that I have a bunch of things on my plate that are all wonderful products.  I have learned tons from using and being involved with these companies and their products and all of them have blostered my intention to live a cleaner, less chemical filled life.

I will be working on posting about each of these companies over the next week so that you can see what it is that I find to be so wonderful.

Have a great day!


I’m confused…..why do we have to make the government accountable for the obesity problem in our country? Why aren’t we held accountable for our own decisions?

If I chose to be overweight it’s my choice and the government is not holding a gun to my head making me eat things like McDonald’s or Burger King. I’ve made the conscience choice to stop at one of these fast food places and order the food myself. Or at least that’s how I see it.