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Let’s talk about people losing their jobs and how it affects a small economy.

I have noticed that there has been a rash of people losing their jobs in the large box retailer circle and it got me to thinking~how does this impact a local economy.  Not the person who has lost their job but the entire town that they live in.

I took my normal spending into consideration (since I can only know what  I spend on a monthly basis).  So, if I lost my job these are the first things that I would not spend money on in an effort to live within my means (read, what the unemployment thinks I should be able to live on during a normal week).

I would not pay for yoga~that takes $72.00 out of the pocket of my yoga instructors pocket during an 8 week time period.

I would not go to the Farmer’s Market~that takes $60.00 out of the pockets of the farmers every week.

I would spend half what I would normally spend at the grocery store~that takes $60.00 out of the pocket of the small, local grocer I use every week.

I would no longer travel 2 hours twice a week to go hiking~that means I’m not spending $40.00 twice a week at a gas station, $15-$30 at a state or federal forest and the occasional meal and beer out after hiking which translates to $90.00 a month.

I would not eat out at all! That’s taking about $45.00 twice a month out of the pockets of my local restaurants.

My alcohol consumption is minimal but I do drink a 4 pack of a craft beer maybe bi-monthly and that is hitting that craft brewer.

If I were to lose my job it would effectively take $1,136.00 a month out of the economy. Now let’s multiply that by how many people are actually out of work right now~let’s use 3.2% of 6 million for the state of Wisconsin and you have now removed approximately $218,112,000.00 from the Wisconsin economy on a monthly basis!

I don’t know about you but I think that is a ridiculous amount of money to remove from the economy of a rather large, rural state and is not something that can be supported for any length of time.

I don’t have any suggestions on how to fix this situation but I would recommend that large box retailers evaluate how often the remove people from their jobs for reasons like: they make too much, I (the manager) doesn’t like them or the plethora of excuses that large box retailers use to fire someone that has nothing to do with a person’s actual job performance. In most cases these people perform at or above an excellent level as evidenced by rewards and recommendations.



(My sister’s are going to kill me for this one)

So, two of my sister’s said, “You can’t do any political posts! People won’t read it. They’ll think all of your posts will be political or worse, think you’re a whack job for writing ANYTHING political in today’s climate”.

To be honest, this really isn’t political so you can read on without thinking I want you to choose sides.  This is about what my feelings have always been but that have expanded as I’ve gotten older.

Awhile ago I got tired of having to pay someone to haul my garbage for a plethora of reasons but mainly because it was so damned expensive and I never managed to fill a garbage can on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so I started dragging it to the dump myself. Currently I go to the dump about 3 times a year. I fill the back of my car with all things recyclable and garbage (organic goes in the compost bin) and head up to the dump.  I get there, weigh the car, dump the recyclable stuff, weigh the car again and then dump the trash and then weigh the car again.  The total weight of garbage (a whopping 20 pounds) that I pay for is $6.00 and I have never met the actual weight limit. I pay the minimum they charge.

Then of course there is the laundry.  I line dry whenever possible. When its -40 degrees line drying is not a thing! The amount of energy required to warm my hands, feet and face is considerably more than running the dryer for 40 minutes and I have no guarantee that my clothes and sheets won’t shatter. I also make my own laundry detergent and have created my own wool dryer balls so there is less damage to the environment from the creation of the chemicals that go into laundry soap and dryer sheets. The grey water produced by the laundry soap I create is more readily broken down by nature.

When I grocery shop I am always aware of the packaging my food comes in~is it minimal, can it be recycled or re-used. To be brutally honest, after all these years of learning to cut down on the size of my carbon footprint I most times don’t buy something that can’t be re-used or recycled anymore and it’s a habit as well as a lifestyle choice.

I also make my own tooth powder and shampoo.  All the items I use are natural and do not ruin the environment.  They are also healthy for my skin, scalp and teeth.  I can honesty say that my teeth are in better condition then they were when I used “real” toothpaste and my hair, although it is not my “crowning glory” is still better than it has been, well since before I started swimming (back when I was 5! I’ve never really had nice hair.)

So, if you’re upset about the US pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord change your habits….we don’t need to be told how to stop hurting the planet and if a manufacturer is more than harmful to the planet stop buying their product. If you hit them in the wallet they are more likely to sit up and pay attention when their profits start to dwindle.

Grains, such a small thing but today in the United States it has become such a
controversial subject. Diets have been created around excluding these little things from
our diet. Diseases have been said to be caused by something as harmless as grains. And
over the years I’ve heard:
• Humans have eaten grains for thousands of year
• Grains aren’t causing a problem with your gut. It’s all in your head
• Why have grains and gluten become “bad” all of a sudden
• Celiac disease and gluten intolerance is just another way for doctors to make
These are all good points and yes,
These are all good points and yes, we have eaten grains for thousands of years–I won’t
dispute that fact. But the grain we ate originally is NOT the grain we eat today and
therein lays the problem.
So let’s take a look at how things have changed since the mid 1800’s.
Originally grain would be allowed to weather in the fields prior to going to the mill,
which would allow the grain to sprout. In some instances it would have been fermented
to allow it to further break down the outer shells that contained phytic acid and lectin
properties (both are not easy for the human gut to digest). Somewhere around the 1960’s
dwarf plants were created that allowed for more grain but less micronutrients and the
outer shells were no longer being broken down in the field or through sprouting or
fermentation. That meant that we no longer were able to digest the few remaining
And now we get to throw glyphosate into the mix. There is nothing hard and true in
American science but suffice it to say that in most countries around the world this
pesticide is not used. What we do know is that the field is sprayed prior to planting and
then the plants are sprayed again directly after harvest, causing the plant to create
more seeds. Is this possibly one of the reasons why there is such a problem now with gut
issues–IBS, Celiac, gluten intolerance and obesity?
When I decided to go Paleo/BulletProof i.e. no grains, no root vegetables, no dairy (I kept
my cheese! Wisconsin and cheese is a thing!) I found that when I had my cheat days my
nose would get itchy, I would get gassy and bloated and my upper body strength would
disappear. Is this sensitivity to the flour? Maybe but unless I go to a doctor I’ll never
really know for sure. Suffice it to say that no one looks good rubbing their nose all over
their face so my cheat days will not be done in public!
Do your own little test to see if you have problems with grains. Start a grain free, dairy
free diet for six weeks and then have a cheat day. Do you notice more gas, bloating or
anything else? Leave a comment and let me know. It would be fun to see what other
reactions there are out there

Another year has come to an end and 2015 has taught me a lot!

The past year has taught me:

Letting go of toxic friends really doesn’t hurt.  They were toxic to me and losing something bad just doesn’t hurt.

Although I love my family they just don’t love me the same way.  Allowing them to be just who they are but allowing myself to keep some distance just doesn’t hurt.

When mean people call, text or email I don’t have to answer the phone, respond to the text or email until I am ready to deal with whatever it is they want.  Hell, I don’t need to respond at all!

When people are dismissive of me I can chose to walk away from that relationship. I have the ability to make that choice.

I am smarter than I allow myself to be.

I like being alone.

I prefer the company of kids and animals over adults.

My hair reminds me that there are just some things that I can not control!


May 2016 bring everyone happiness and joy and lots of fun life lessons!

This week I get to start the next step in my life.  I have spent the last year staying with my Mom in an effort to get back on my feet after a rather crazy a ridiculous divorce that left me nothing.  It’s been a good year to re-connect with my Mom but apparently I have been on my own too long and I am just not good at being a room mate.  That and I just don’t like living in a city setting~too many years living in the woods.

This week I am moving up into the mountains!  I will be living at about 10,000 feet and I can honestly say I’m super excited to be getting out of the city.  Although I will be 45 minutes from work and it can be an interesting drive down from the mountain on snowing days (like today! Seriously, it’s the middle of May and we’re getting snow!) the freedom of being able to walk outside and be in the woods will be a relief.  Shopping is fairly close by and there is a little yoga studio up there.  These are things that will make me happy.

The dogs will have a bit more freedom than they have here and I will not have to worry about making too much noise when I have to be at work at 5:15 in the morning.  I will be able to create my own meals and not worry about whether or not someone else will like it.  Hell, if I want to eat nothing but salads and cottage cheese for days on end I can! 

I will be posting pictures of my new digs once I get all set up.  I am so excited!

So many people will ask me, “I don’t feel good.  You know stuff about staying healthy….what would you suggest?”.  I will ask them their symptoms and make a recommendation on what I have found to work for a particular set of symptoms.  Usually if they ask early into the illness the recommendation will be either baking soda added to water to balance their ph (when you are sick you are too acidic) or apple cider vinegar and the response is always the same, “That would taste so awful!  I will take….. (some random, over the counter drug)”.

I say OK and leave it at that.  Now, go to your medicine cabinet and pull out some random, over the counter medicine for colds.  Now, read those ingredients.  How many of those can you pronounce?  How many of them do you even know anything about?  Next, look at the possible side effects and the drug interactions.  Not pretty stuff to be found in those sections!  And you are willing to put these unknown chemicals into your body in an effort to feel better.  How effective are these products….really?  In my experience, not that effective.  The cold or the flu bug will run it’s course and I would usually end up missing a day or two from life.

Now, look at what happens when you take something like apple cider vinegar or baking soda and use it religiously for a few days.  During those days you may feel a bit cloudy and not at the top of your game but you aren’t really missing out on life.  After you have used these more natural ingredients to heal your body and you have been smart by getting the extra needed rest and eating good, healthy food you realize that your illness is gone, your body has healed and you feel GREAT!  And the biggest bonus to this type of health and healing…..YOU HAVEN’T DAMAGED YOUR LIVER!!!

That’s the best news ever!  Healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy liver!

Think twice about what you put in your body so that your body will be there for you during the long haul….you know, that thing we call life!

On Monday I made a last minute decision and went camping~the first camping trip of the season.  The dogs and I ended up here, a little reservoir in Pueblo, CO.  As camping trips go it was uneventful, quiet with a meteor shower thrown in for good measure.


We got to watch shooting stars while the baby coyotes called for their parents while enjoying burgers (yes, I cooked small burgers for the dogs) that had been cooked over a camp fire and some steamed green beans and an ice cold beer. We sat together watching the fire burn down and relaxed enjoying the kind of quiet you can only find in far off places away from cities, cars and trucks.  The only mechanical, man made thing we heard was an occasional, far off train whistle and the clacking of the train wheels on the track.


Seriously, does life get any better than this?  I love the feeling of sleeping on the ground with my dogs snuggled in~one curled up at the bottom of the sleeping bag keeping my feet warm and the other pushing up against my back with his head next to mine on the pillow (yeah, he’s a big dog that stands taller than me when standing on his hind legs).


It was a nice break from real life as I’ve come to know over this past year.


On my way home I noticed a young couple walking down the side of the road which is pretty unusual for the road and the area but the thing that really caught my eye was the dog they had with them.  He was your average looking dog but he was so painfully thin.  I remember when I found my big dog and how thin he was then and I knew I had to turn around.  I gave them the rest of the dog food I had with me from camping….maybe a couple of bowls worth and the rest of the money I had in my wallet along with a business card.  I told this young couple that if they ever needed anything, a ride, a meal or a bag of food for the dog and something for themselves to call me.  I don’t know why I felt compelled to do this but I just felt it was what I needed to do for them.


Now, if any of you actually read this you know that I really have nothing.  I have lost my house, left my kids and my friends in Northern Wisconsin as well as everything I own.  I don’t dwell on this fact very often but for me to have done this says a lot about how this young couple and their dog affected me.  It made me realize that without the help and support of my family and friends I would not have been able to take care of my 2 dogs or myself.  It also made me remember to never take important people in your life for granted and that we should always pay it forward.

I wanted to share with you a little post that I was asked to create regarding my chemical free hair journey. I’m not sure whether the post will be used by Morrocco Method but I found it interesting how this chemical free hair journey has evolved.  I am totally loving this experience!


My hair journey with Morrocco Method is slightly different from most due to my having gone “poo free” a couple of years prior to starting to use the Morrocco Method products. I have never had great hair but after going “poo free” my hair became a bit more curly, and easier to deal with but.  Years of swimming competitively, growing up in California swimming in the ocean and heavily chlorinated pools and generally not taking very good care of my hair had made it more straw then a soft, smooth, shiny crowning glory.  My hair was just something that I had to keep clean and long enough to put up in a pony tail.


My “poo free” lifestyle worked well enough while I lived in Northern Wisconsin as I was able to keep it in a bun or tucked into a hat when I was going to spend a lot of time out in the winter elements or wrapped in a scarf when I was hiking or camping but I found after I had moved to a high mountain desert that I needed something more than what I was able to create for myself.  Even though I was creating shampoos and conditioners that were home made and natural my hair went from curly to frizzy and was getting nothing but more frizzy.


I did some research and found the Morrocco Method.  Around the same time that I had found MM I read a blog post by a woman I respect from the Paleo Diet community about the changes she had noticed after using the shampoos and conditioners.  That sealed it for me….I ordered my trial packs of shampoos and conditioners!


Now, since I had been “poo free” for so long I didn’t have the oily, greasy stage to deal with and since my hair was already dry, frizzy and totally unmanageable but completely chemical free I noticed a difference right away.  After the third shampoo I was noticing more curly and less frizzy but the biggest difference happened when I had taken the Zen Detox to the “caves” in Idaho Springs, CO.  The “caves” are man made vapor caves with hot springs pools.  The air in the caves is extremely hot, extremely humid and loaded with a number of different minerals from the hot spring water used in the pools that are beneficial for your skin and your hair.  Add this environment with the Zen Detox and 2 hours of meditation, yoga twists and relaxation and you have an additional pump to the detox effects of the Zen Detox.  Once my hair dried I was amazed at the change in texture and softness of my hair (my hair has never been truly soft).


Since I have started using the Morrocco Method I have found that I can go 3-4 days (I used to wash at least once daily) between washing although when I take a shower I will rinse my hair and give my scalp a little massage.  I have also noticed that I have a ton of re-growth coming in at my temples.  This is hair that I had lost during my childbearing years and menopause. 


My hair is thicker, stronger and starting to curl again!  I am finding that there is more lift at the roots and when I finger comb my hair after washing there are no “snaps” of hair breaking. I use the Lunar hair cutting chart and rotate my shampoos regularly.  I absolutely love these products! 


Now I just need to know the best time to shave my head for optimum re-growth~a friend will be losing her hair due to chemo and radiation and I am shaving my head in solidarity and respect for her.  Yes, I will be giving her a travel pack of shampoos and conditioners for when her hair starts to grow back!



Anthony, when will be the best time for both of us to shave our heads?


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed achieving healthy hair.

I have spent the past few days not feeling very well. I did all my tricks to get rid of whatever the “bug” was and managed to keep it from really taking me out but I still did not feel 100%.  I went to the caves in Idaho Springs in an effort to burn it out, slept with lavender or Breathe, taken my homeopathic flu remedy and still I just couldn’t kill it!  Well, a little extra rest, a long walk with the dogs and adding the electric blanket seems to have taken care of it…..FINALLY!

Now I have the energy to build a couple of event pages for some friends that want to have a Nerium party but they live in the Midwest and I am going to play with some new essential oils and do some reading about ways I can use them to help my big dog become more relaxed.

I am realizing that I have a bunch of things on my plate that are all wonderful products.  I have learned tons from using and being involved with these companies and their products and all of them have blostered my intention to live a cleaner, less chemical filled life.

I will be working on posting about each of these companies over the next week so that you can see what it is that I find to be so wonderful.

Have a great day!


Now don’t take that the wrong way….they are just 2 statues on the corner of one of the main streets in Fort Collins.  I love their expressions and they just make me smile.


I spent the day in Fort Collins with my Mom today.  She has never been there so I decided that we would take the day and paddle around the down town area.  It is a bit like Pearl Street in Boulder but I happen to like it a bit more than Pearl Street.  Funky little stores, great people and tons of breweries (I love micro brews!).


Our first stop was the rock shop….Mom loves rocks!  That took almost an hour mainly because I had to touch just about every rock in the place and I absolutely love their granite plate ware room.  The dishes come in different colors of granite and it amazes me.  The jewelry there is also fabulous and the selection of crystals is huge.  After the rock shop we paddled around the rest of the square loving the old buildings, looking at quaint, one of a kind shops and talking.  It’s nice to know that I can still spend time with my Mom when so many of my friends don’t have their parents anymore~I am feeling very blessed to have had a day like this with my Mom.


We finally decided that we were hungry so we headed over to the Fort Collins Brewery and ate all things NOT Paleo.  The food was outstanding and well worth the belly ache I have right now.


Tomorrow I’m back to eating right because this is not comfortable.