I’ve been gone for a bit….seems to be my MO.  Time for me to change that and be more consistent.  So it’s now time to catch up with anyone who wants to follow this strange journey I’m on. So, if you’ve read any of the things I’ve posted previously you know that my life has been a bit weird but certainly not unusual.  Bad divorce, my youngest moved out after we discovered she was Type 1 diabetic, my oldest didn’t talk to me, the other 2 in between still do, I lost everything in the bad divorce~including my self esteem.  I decided years ago to go “poo free”, I buy very few cosmetics and use only natural cleansers for me and my house and I sell the few cosmetics I do use because I can get behind the companies and the products. During the time that I have been absent I spent a few months travelling this country and camping with my dogs.  We went everywhere!  It was a glorious few months and I really love that way of being.  One day while bashing around in southern New Mexico my Mom called and asked me to come back to her house as she needed to put her cat down and she wanted the dogs for the type of unconditional love only an animal can give.  Well, I have become firmly entrenched in Boulder, CO.  Not my first place to live but for now it will work. One day at work a co-worker asked me a question regarding alternative health in front of another co-worker.  The second co-worker said, “She knows shit.  You need to listen to what she tells you.”  I didn’t think much about the statement and went on to answer the question.  The next day my sister (she lives here too) told me over coffee, “You know so much stuff about all kinds of things and you really need to think about charging people for your knowledge.”  Both of the statements add up to the same thing…..I know all kinds of shit about living a cleaner, healthier, chemical free life.  So that’s what I’m going to write about for the next little while. If you have questions, just ask.  Maybe I can help or maybe I can help you find a different way of getting healthy.