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Another year has come to an end and 2015 has taught me a lot!

The past year has taught me:

Letting go of toxic friends really doesn’t hurt.  They were toxic to me and losing something bad just doesn’t hurt.

Although I love my family they just don’t love me the same way.  Allowing them to be just who they are but allowing myself to keep some distance just doesn’t hurt.

When mean people call, text or email I don’t have to answer the phone, respond to the text or email until I am ready to deal with whatever it is they want.  Hell, I don’t need to respond at all!

When people are dismissive of me I can chose to walk away from that relationship. I have the ability to make that choice.

I am smarter than I allow myself to be.

I like being alone.

I prefer the company of kids and animals over adults.

My hair reminds me that there are just some things that I can not control!


May 2016 bring everyone happiness and joy and lots of fun life lessons!