I just came to understand that I am an amazing person.  If I sit back and look at all the things that I have done over my life I ROCK!  I have helped one of my children correct an issue with her jaw through the help of Shriner’s Hospital while going through an extremely intense divorce and then later, after the surgery and things weren’t healing correctly and Shriner’s had pretty much shut her down,  I again went to bat for her and got the situation taken care.  When my youngest was diagnosed Type 1 I worked with her to overcome the false truth that her father had told the doctors about her being bulimic and helped her to re-build her health until her father decided that she should live with her oldest sister (that one I couldn’t stop and have paid a high price for not fighting harder for her).  I have helped to promote my friends that had businesses just through word of mouth and have watched them create some amazing magic and wealth in their lives.  I have helped friends who found themselves in a domestic violent situation by creating a “pass the hat” fund that would be matched by our employer so that they could move on with a little cushion and when people aren’t feeling well they come to me and ask what they can do naturally or organically to improve their health.

I’ve proven to myself that I am truly an amazing person and yet all of those things I do for others I am not able to do for myself.  Maybe because of my life growing up or maybe because of how I allowed things to go during my marriage…who knows but now things have to change!

I have thoughts, ideas and my hands on products that are amazing and yet I haven’t shared these things with anyone.  I’ve kept them to myself for fear of what?  Rejection….I’ve lived that so why does that scare me?  People would laugh at me?  Again, those that have been closest to me have done that and in some cases still do.  I’m still here and only my ego has been hurt.  I’m not my ego, I’m so much more than that and so now things are going to change!  I am going to share my thoughts and my ideas and my wonderful products and I’m doing this because it is time for me to do for me what I have done for so many others…..I will create magic in my life!