This week I get to start the next step in my life.  I have spent the last year staying with my Mom in an effort to get back on my feet after a rather crazy a ridiculous divorce that left me nothing.  It’s been a good year to re-connect with my Mom but apparently I have been on my own too long and I am just not good at being a room mate.  That and I just don’t like living in a city setting~too many years living in the woods.

This week I am moving up into the mountains!  I will be living at about 10,000 feet and I can honestly say I’m super excited to be getting out of the city.  Although I will be 45 minutes from work and it can be an interesting drive down from the mountain on snowing days (like today! Seriously, it’s the middle of May and we’re getting snow!) the freedom of being able to walk outside and be in the woods will be a relief.  Shopping is fairly close by and there is a little yoga studio up there.  These are things that will make me happy.

The dogs will have a bit more freedom than they have here and I will not have to worry about making too much noise when I have to be at work at 5:15 in the morning.  I will be able to create my own meals and not worry about whether or not someone else will like it.  Hell, if I want to eat nothing but salads and cottage cheese for days on end I can! 

I will be posting pictures of my new digs once I get all set up.  I am so excited!