On Monday I made a last minute decision and went camping~the first camping trip of the season.  The dogs and I ended up here, a little reservoir in Pueblo, CO.  As camping trips go it was uneventful, quiet with a meteor shower thrown in for good measure.


We got to watch shooting stars while the baby coyotes called for their parents while enjoying burgers (yes, I cooked small burgers for the dogs) that had been cooked over a camp fire and some steamed green beans and an ice cold beer. We sat together watching the fire burn down and relaxed enjoying the kind of quiet you can only find in far off places away from cities, cars and trucks.  The only mechanical, man made thing we heard was an occasional, far off train whistle and the clacking of the train wheels on the track.


Seriously, does life get any better than this?  I love the feeling of sleeping on the ground with my dogs snuggled in~one curled up at the bottom of the sleeping bag keeping my feet warm and the other pushing up against my back with his head next to mine on the pillow (yeah, he’s a big dog that stands taller than me when standing on his hind legs).


It was a nice break from real life as I’ve come to know over this past year.


On my way home I noticed a young couple walking down the side of the road which is pretty unusual for the road and the area but the thing that really caught my eye was the dog they had with them.  He was your average looking dog but he was so painfully thin.  I remember when I found my big dog and how thin he was then and I knew I had to turn around.  I gave them the rest of the dog food I had with me from camping….maybe a couple of bowls worth and the rest of the money I had in my wallet along with a business card.  I told this young couple that if they ever needed anything, a ride, a meal or a bag of food for the dog and something for themselves to call me.  I don’t know why I felt compelled to do this but I just felt it was what I needed to do for them.


Now, if any of you actually read this you know that I really have nothing.  I have lost my house, left my kids and my friends in Northern Wisconsin as well as everything I own.  I don’t dwell on this fact very often but for me to have done this says a lot about how this young couple and their dog affected me.  It made me realize that without the help and support of my family and friends I would not have been able to take care of my 2 dogs or myself.  It also made me remember to never take important people in your life for granted and that we should always pay it forward.