I wanted to share with you a little post that I was asked to create regarding my chemical free hair journey. I’m not sure whether the post will be used by Morrocco Method but I found it interesting how this chemical free hair journey has evolved.  I am totally loving this experience!


My hair journey with Morrocco Method is slightly different from most due to my having gone “poo free” a couple of years prior to starting to use the Morrocco Method products. I have never had great hair but after going “poo free” my hair became a bit more curly, and easier to deal with but.  Years of swimming competitively, growing up in California swimming in the ocean and heavily chlorinated pools and generally not taking very good care of my hair had made it more straw then a soft, smooth, shiny crowning glory.  My hair was just something that I had to keep clean and long enough to put up in a pony tail.


My “poo free” lifestyle worked well enough while I lived in Northern Wisconsin as I was able to keep it in a bun or tucked into a hat when I was going to spend a lot of time out in the winter elements or wrapped in a scarf when I was hiking or camping but I found after I had moved to a high mountain desert that I needed something more than what I was able to create for myself.  Even though I was creating shampoos and conditioners that were home made and natural my hair went from curly to frizzy and was getting nothing but more frizzy.


I did some research and found the Morrocco Method.  Around the same time that I had found MM I read a blog post by a woman I respect from the Paleo Diet community about the changes she had noticed after using the shampoos and conditioners.  That sealed it for me….I ordered my trial packs of shampoos and conditioners!


Now, since I had been “poo free” for so long I didn’t have the oily, greasy stage to deal with and since my hair was already dry, frizzy and totally unmanageable but completely chemical free I noticed a difference right away.  After the third shampoo I was noticing more curly and less frizzy but the biggest difference happened when I had taken the Zen Detox to the “caves” in Idaho Springs, CO.  The “caves” are man made vapor caves with hot springs pools.  The air in the caves is extremely hot, extremely humid and loaded with a number of different minerals from the hot spring water used in the pools that are beneficial for your skin and your hair.  Add this environment with the Zen Detox and 2 hours of meditation, yoga twists and relaxation and you have an additional pump to the detox effects of the Zen Detox.  Once my hair dried I was amazed at the change in texture and softness of my hair (my hair has never been truly soft).


Since I have started using the Morrocco Method I have found that I can go 3-4 days (I used to wash at least once daily) between washing although when I take a shower I will rinse my hair and give my scalp a little massage.  I have also noticed that I have a ton of re-growth coming in at my temples.  This is hair that I had lost during my childbearing years and menopause. 


My hair is thicker, stronger and starting to curl again!  I am finding that there is more lift at the roots and when I finger comb my hair after washing there are no “snaps” of hair breaking. I use the Lunar hair cutting chart and rotate my shampoos regularly.  I absolutely love these products! 


Now I just need to know the best time to shave my head for optimum re-growth~a friend will be losing her hair due to chemo and radiation and I am shaving my head in solidarity and respect for her.  Yes, I will be giving her a travel pack of shampoos and conditioners for when her hair starts to grow back!



Anthony, when will be the best time for both of us to shave our heads?


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed achieving healthy hair.