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I suppose I’ve been a bit MIA for a good long time.  I have tons of reasons for not writing but the biggest was I left Wisconsin and spent some time camping in a few states.  I also took some time to catch up with friends from high school and one of my sisters that I haven’t seen in years.

My camping trip was amazing!  The dogs and I spent a couple of nights in the Pink Coral Sand Dunes. The days were beautiful and the nights were cold and the dogs got so tired walking in the soft sand.  They would both crawl under the blankets at night and we would all be warm and cozy even though the inside of the tent was completely frost covered.

After Utah we hit Arizona but because we couldn’t build fires we didn’t stay very long.  Hell, we couldn’t even build a fire to make dinner! We packed up and headed to New Mexico and spent a few days at the top of a mountain in the Gila National Forest.  The camp ground we found had hot spring pools that were cleaned and drained every night.  Because of the location it was a gated camp ground and the woman that owns it screens her guests. I met some great folks from Alaska and the owner’s Mother.  During the evenings we would sit around talking and decide who would use the springs first. I usually did because I woke up earlier than anyone else staying at the campground.  A little glass of wine and off I would go to soak under the stars.

My camping is done for the short term and I have landed in Boulder with my mom and a different sister.  I don’t know how long I will stay here but for now it’s comfortable and I love being able to hang with my mom and sister.

Keep watching for new posts as it’s time to get back to writing!