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I’ve been working with the no shampoo, or no ‘poo’ thing for about 2-3 weeks now and I have to say that I am extremely impressed. After a very short adjustment period my hair has gotten softer and more manageable but I found that I was still using over the counter gels and hair fixatives which I’m sure are not that great for your hair and loaded with chemicals.

I did a little research and found that I could make my own hair gel and hair spray using normal household products. I’m only on day 1 with the new gel and spray but again, I’m extremely impressed.

I have very fine curly hair and I don’t want something that is going to weigh down my hair or pull the curl out and so far this new regime has actually made my hair more curly without any frizz and the ends don’t feel dry. The gel doesn’t make my hair stiff or crunchy which is another bonus.

I think I like this old school hair care!


So I got to thinking about how things have changed for me since I started this whole Paleo diet thing and to be honest the changes for me have been tremendous!  

The first thing that I have noticed is my upper body strength has improved.  We all know that as we age we lose upper body strength and I was noticing that I just didn’t have a lot of strength anymore.  After the holidays (paleo for about 2 months) I noticed that spending a couple of hours with the 8# ax splitting oak firewood was quite a bit easier.  After that I noticed my yoga practice was becoming more solid and stronger.  My balance was and still is lousy but the paleo diet never said it would make me capable of standing on one foot for any length of time.  Next I noticed that I was making better choices when it came to my outside play.  Winters are long this far north and getting outside in the winter is about the only thing that keeps me from going stir crazy.  The dogs and I were able to do lots of winter snowshoe hikes and I was able to keep up training while hiking.  

The absolute best part so far has been the fact that my cellulite is less.  Now, I’ve said this was never about weight loss but who is going to complain about losing cellulite?  Not me!

I’m confused…..why do we have to make the government accountable for the obesity problem in our country? Why aren’t we held accountable for our own decisions?

If I chose to be overweight it’s my choice and the government is not holding a gun to my head making me eat things like McDonald’s or Burger King. I’ve made the conscience choice to stop at one of these fast food places and order the food myself. Or at least that’s how I see it.


I went cat shopping last August and this is what I came home with~the biggest damned cat you’ve ever seen!  This guy picked me the minute I walked into the animal shelter.  He was a stray that had been abused by the person that owned him.  When I got him he weighed 60 pounds and was afraid of everything.  I took him to my vet and he said that I had just brought home a 1 year old Walker Hound.  Today my “cat” is over 80 pounds and is getting over most of his fears.  Oh, and counter surfing means walking around the kitchen but he is the best damned cat I could ever ask for!

It all started when a high school friend started posting recipes on facebook.  One day I started reading the recipes and thought that something sounded really good so I tried it.  My friend Erika kept posting a new recipe every day and I kept trying the recipes.  I found that just about all of them were wonderful and kept at it night after night.  One day I noticed that I had not eaten any carbs and the bread that I had was moldy (how long does that take?).

The first thing I noticed after about 6 weeks of trying these recipes was I really didn’t miss eating tons of bread and crackers.  For me that is HUGE as I had always thought that I could not survive without my bread.  The next thing I realized was that I used to love to cook.  I don’t mean steaks and chicken but good food that was just this side of gourmet and that I love to play with my spices.  So these recipes that Erika had shared got me back in touch with that part of me and I was having tons of fun.  I was only cooking for myself but I really enjoyed the time spent in the kitchen making something nice for me which leads me to the next thing I realized~after being “Mom” for 28 years I deserved to treat myself nicely and this was my outlet.

After I came to realize that I had been basically eating a rough form of the Paleo diet I really started to read up on it and find that it fits for me.  It has never been a weight loss issue but more of a health issue and wanting to maintain a strong muscle structure.  I have come to embrace this life change it has led me to further investigate what I can do to stay healthy and strong and finding ways of removing toxic chemicals from my everyday life.

I have gotten back into my yoga practice and added a hot yoga/detox class which is amazing.  The feeling after a hot yoga class can’t be explained but has to be experienced.  I have also decided that I would try going “poo” free.  This means that I am no longer washing my hair in the normal sense.  I am currently 3 days into using baking soda for shampoo and vinegar for conditioner.  So far I really can’t tell any difference between shampoo/conditioner and the baking soda/vinegar other then I use less hair spray and no gel whatsoever.

This journey keeps getting more and more interesting!